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Life has already entered the era of the Internet, but also for many people to invest in entrepreneurship has brought a lot of convenience, especially personal entrepreneurship, in doing marketing this piece of a lot of convenience, a mobile phone can easily build a proprietary website for marketing and promotion. Especially for small enterprises, in order to attract customers, they must have their own websites. How to build a responsive website, small enterprises can not afford it at all. Therefore, it is the choice of many enterprises to choose to build a simple mobile website.
I. Website System

Mobile website construction system, building a proprietary enterprise website, directly affects the enterprise's network brand image, so that enterprises can develop mobile user consumer groups, especially for businesses, this is very suitable.


2. What do the clients need?
Of course, the enterprise itself, product publicity in place, function description in detail. But at the same time, we should consider the customers of mobile clients, because mobile website serves the customers of mobile clients. In the design of the website, the pages should be concise and generous, the content is precise, and the technology should not be too dazzling, and the pictures should not be put too much, which will affect the acceleration. We need to build a website that is clear at a glance and amazing to our customers, so as to achieve a win-win situation for both enterprises and customers.
3. Mobile security issues
Mobile websites are mostly the choice of e-commerce, which naturally involves transactions. At this time, customers are most concerned about the security of mobile transactions. This is also the first consideration in the construction of enterprise mobile website. We should consider cooperating with a senior developer.
V. Importance of Internet Navigation
The mobile terminal is different from the computer terminal. Its website pages are limited. When building a website, it is necessary to consider giving priority to the display of important content and setting it to a fixed navigation. Therefore, the overall design of the website is simple and generous, do not cause aesthetic fatigue to customers.
6. Operation of Mobile Website

Good operation, enterprise publicity and promotion is half successful, mobile website can be promoted by means of Wechat Public Number, Weibo and other forums, can expand the influence of promotion. Funny resources can also be shared together. Accumulated network resources distribution opportunities. Can exchange advertising, customer resources and so on with each other and enterprises. During the holidays, we plan some creative activities to attract customers to participate actively.


7. More convenient communication with customers
Through the mobile terminal can be very convenient, the first time to solve various problems for consumers. Generally, websites will be opened, messages, comments, online forms, and so on. Or add the template of the enterprise itself, which facilitates the communication between the enterprise and the customer, more conforms to the emotional needs of the customer, and saves the cost of service. The user experience has been improved, and the friendly relationship between customers has been enhanced.
Valuable Market Research Feedback
Generally, the marketing of enterprises can not be separated from market research. Good market research can better grasp the needs of customers. Enterprise mobile website provides a more convenient platform for enterprise research. Through online questionnaires, e-mail, forums and so on, gather customers'opinions and questions. The feedback information of the enterprise's own products can be obtained in the first time, which also saves human expenditure.
Mobile website is the darling of the future network promotion. After all, its cost-effective ratio is there. Its own purpose is to increase sales through the website. A perfect mobile official network can complete online trading activities, and also cater to the overall environment of the Internet market.