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The release of the small program reflects Weixin's control over the application's ecology, and it can also be seen that Tencent's e-commerce dream has begun to wake up. The emergence of small programs will make Weixin more and more deeply involved in scene marketing, by enriching e-commerce shopping scenes to promote e-commerce progress.
The following will be through the small program and Weixin Mall building costs, functional differences, user experience, marketing scenarios, operation and management of five aspects of the comparison, so that you can clearly distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of the two.
Construction cost
Small procedures:
People who haven't been exposed to widgets at the moment may not be quite sure about the cost, but industry insiders know that from a few thousand to thirty-twenty thousand, it's enough to make a widget that basically meets your needs. The price won't be much worse, and it'll be more transparent in a few days.
WeChat Mall:
Take the third party in favor of the lower price, for example, more than 4000 start, the higher price point customers more than 20,000 a year. There is not much difference between the two in this respect.
And the original market as a third-party Wechat mall companies, basically have been clear that the trend of small procedures will be irresistible, so to praise, Weimeng as a representative of the technicians decisively joined to cut this cake.
但他们选择了折中的办法 -- 在自己原有的微信商城系统里加入小程序生成插件。也就是说只有购买了他们商城以后,才能再购买小程序插件,基于自己的微信商城生成一个小程序。
But they opted for a compromise by adding a widget-generated plug-in to their original Weixin mall system. That is to say, only after buying their mall, you can buy a small program plug-in, based on their own Weixin mall to generate a small program.
Two. Functional differences
It has to be said that the support function of the small program has exceeded many people's expectations. For now, it's hard to tell who's better or who's worse in terms of functionality, but the future is sure to be better than Weixin.
Home display, merchandise management, membership system, marketing system, financial system, data management, management and distribution, O2 system, distribution, multi-merchant and so on, these large sections, the small program has basically realized the function to meet.
And the small program can be designed, transformable, according to their own needs to develop different characteristics of small programs to meet the needs of various industries, Weixin Mall in this respect slightly clumsy.
But after all, Weixin Mall is a relatively mature system, so there are obvious advantages in docking with other systems or platforms, and in these large functional blocks, the details of the optimization is better.
You can understand two products, one smooth and refined and one rough and crude, and this is the user experience problem we're going to talk about below.
Three, user experience
User's experience:

The advantage of Weixin Mall is that it has a perfect mall system: for example, the mall has more levels, can display products more clearly, shopping experience is better, there is no obvious difference in page fluency between the two at present.


Conversely, small programs need to be improved in the use experience.
Open mode:
The way to open the mall is the disadvantage of Weixin: users need to pay attention to the public number, click on the custom menu, enter the corresponding page at least three steps of operation, compared with the small program to open the mall operation steps more cumbersome.
The applet can not be opened without any opening level, and it can be opened directly by scanning or clicking.
Payment method:

This is also a drawback of Weixin Mall, we must pay attention to the public number, and small procedures can omit this link.

Four, marketing scenario
Small program is undoubtedly the advantage in this respect, after all, the main application of small program is scene marketing.
WeChat mall can not be displayed independently, it must rely on the public number. In addition to the small program can search directly into the search box, group chat retention, user retention after the use of online entries, there are countless kinds of offline display entries, these are not compared to Weixin Mall.
The different usage scenarios also lead to a slightly different purpose. Weixin Mall intends to attract fans, retain fans, and cultivate customers; and small programs advocate to run out of the convenience of consumers, but it is difficult for merchants to stay.
Overall, the small procedures to offline entity merchant service extension, supplemented by e-commerce; Weixin Mall is mainly e-commerce.
Five, operation management
There is no doubt that Weixin's public number is based on fans. Whether it's original content or various marketing activities, it's just to attract, cultivate and guide them to the shopping mall.
So to be a Weixin mall which must rely on the public name is just the beginning, and the later operation and promotion is the core. But the operation of this problem is currently not the ability of most businesses to solve, for businesses is a headache, which emphasizes the importance of professional operation team.
But the small program is relatively simple and rough, the ideal state is based on the user's use and consumption scenario, what the user needs to buy, just a corresponding small program appears, the transaction can be achieved, save all the links in the middle.
Weakening operations means more effort can be devoted to promotion, and small programs are in great need of promotion.
Whether it is a Weixin mall or a small program, its purpose is to seamlessly connect users from Weixin shopping mall process, which is why Weixin mall with the rise of the main reason why, but also the main reason why small programs irresistible.
In short, small procedures will have an impact on WeChat mall, which is inevitable. But in the near future, the impact will not be too great. On the one hand, Tencent's tone has always been restrained, so there will not be too much turbulence in Weixin's ecology. On the other hand, it will always take time for a new thing to replace a basically mature system.
For now, WeChat mall is more mature and diversified. If you have to figure out who's right for whom, I think that in the next development, individuals will choose Weixin Mall, offline businesses are more inclined to customize small procedures.