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Enterprises build websites to enable users to get more user traffic. Most of them will take effective measures to promote the growth of traffic. SEO is one of the common ways. Website optimization has become a means of choice for many enterprises. But optimization is a long-term process, can not achieve the desired effect in a short time, for the enterprise without patience, may not achieve the desired progress. But for the companies that know, even if they know it takes time but no professional SEO staff, the site ranking can not be improved. Many novice Xiaobai do not know how to optimize the site, to get a new site is also a muddled face, who am I, what do I do? Chengdu SEO on the site to tell you what the stage of seo? In the optimization of what we need to pay attention to?
First, website code optimization.
Website code optimization is a basic operation, not only from the user's point of view, to get a good website framework is also the need to optimize and delete the long code, search engines are very unwelcome pages with js, and is not conducive to optimization, we recommend div + CSS way to carry out. CSS, JS code needs to be merged, if you want to use css, try to use external calls to prevent the page size is too large. Reduce unnecessary server requests, merge some infrequently changed image sizes, and compress large images for loading. Simple and clear code is good for search engine spiders crawling and crawling your web pages. It can greatly reduce the size of web pages and improve the speed of website operation.
Two, website content optimization

Code may not be everyone how, but for the site's internal optimization believe that everyone will be easy, content optimization technology is relatively reduced a lot. Site content is generally divided into one-time operation, add one time there is no need to change, and can be continuously operated, such as the content of the first list page, profile page. Title settings, article writing, these are part of the content optimization, but also need our daily maintenance of the place, we ensure the number of articles in the site at the same time, to ensure the quality and readability of its content, grasp the original site, in order to be better included by the search engine.


Three, website external optimization
External optimization of websites is generally based on links, including external chain operation and friendship links. The so-called external chain is the link exchange between us and some of the industry's high-weight, high-quality websites, so that not only can the weight of the website be upgraded in a short time, to achieve the purpose of publicizing the brand, but also allows the enterprise website to obtain good. Good website ranking. But we must pay attention to the quality of the external chain, in the exchange of friendship links, to achieve accurate quality, this is the essence of friendship chain exchange.

Above is about the site optimization need to pay attention to some of the matters and optimization stage, for just contacted white, we must seriously analyze the site's data, just start to analyze the site according to software, and then further subdivide. From the content to do the chain, from the chain to achieve the code. Step by step slowly, I believe that after the baptism of time, you will become a SEO God.