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Reason six: more traffic sources
在 H5 商城时代,真正做微商挣到钱的人无非两类:
In the era of H5 mall, there are two kinds of people who really earn money from micro businesses.
The first kind of people is inevitably irregularities, or a hole in acquaintances.
第二类则多依赖大的自媒体、公众号。他们之所以可以从电商那里获益,原因在于它有源源不断的「一次性消费」流量,比如通过爆款文章、公众号底部 tab,或者文章内的二维码。但用户一旦关掉,就很难再找到入口,很难产生重复购买。另外,也有些人会把用户引导到天猫、京东上来完成购买。
The second category relies heavily on large media and public numbers. The reason they can benefit from e-commerce is that it has a continuous "one-time consumption" flow, such as a bursting article, a tab at the bottom of a public number, or a two-dimensional code in the article. But once the user is turned off, it is difficult to find the entry again, it is very difficult to produce repeat purchase. In addition, some people will guide users to Tmall and Jingdong to complete the purchase.
The applets now provide a lot of free traffic entrances, such as "friends", "community", "nearby small programs," and so on. Small programs are more associated with public numbers. The way small programs are embedded in public numbers also make the entire reading experience of the user different, and the transaction flow is more smooth.
Reason seven: "search advertisement" and "public number inserting small program"
Before the pay flow is opened, the WeChat small program business city is more suitable for the user's cistern of the business enterprise, guides the old customers to complete the purchase in the small program business city, reduces the transaction cost (the WeChat payment rate 0.6%), and can also draw up the new WeChat social relations chain.
待上面两种测试中的广告模式上线后,小程序电商除了群、好友、附近小程序等基础的流量来源外,还可以通过付费获取用户。电商企业只需要比较微信与其他 B2C 平台获取用户的成本,就能得出优的选择。
After the advertising mode of the above two tests is online, the small program is able to get users by paying in addition to the source of the base traffic, such as the group, the friends, the nearby small programs and so on. Business enterprises need to compare WeChat and other B2C platforms to get users' cost, so that they can get the best choice.
At this point, WeChat traffic and cash will be gradually separated, e-commerce enterprises only need to focus on e-commerce business, the content to the media, and the media can also choose to focus on content.
Reason eight: the user has a high rate of use and involves a wide range of areas.
Wechat as a national application, the ecology has been very perfect, whether urban users, rural users, adults or minors, do not need to do user education.

In addition, because of the custom of the user has formed, many traditional e-commerce can not penetrate the middle and old age group, the rural group, can also pass through the WeChat small program, this is a big advantage of the small program.


Reason nine: to centralization
For example, on the road of electricity supplier, Tencent and Ali are very different.
The Tencent is to give a pile of ants, to equip him, to make every business enterprise a super ant; Ali is a constant investment, a new ability to make himself a huge "elephant".
除了我们上面讨论的在线电商外,“小程序 + 零售”也有相当大的机会。
In addition to the online business we discussed above, there are considerable opportunities for "small program + retail".
Because the "nearby small program" function is equivalent to the retail stores under the line, the line below the line is gradually blurred, can also be understood as the form of the new e-commerce.
Reason ten: rich template for electronic business program, create 0 threshold
For traditional stores, even small and medium-sized enterprises, it is necessary to develop small programs involving human and material resources, and developers also need to learn new development language, which has a high threshold.
而小程序的开发门槛并不是很高,网上有很多简单的教程,可以供爱好者们自己制作,但是要运用到电商之中还是要找正规、 的公司,这样才能保证自己的微信小程序安全、可靠。
And the threshold of the development of small programs is not very high, there are a lot of the most simple online tutorials, can be made by fans themselves, but to be used to the e-commerce or to find regular, professional companies, in this way to ensure that their WeChat small programs are safe and reliable.