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Some people think that SEO will die, but there are many arguments. But it's strange that the call for so many years, although a lot of SEOER do other work, even to start a business, but still a part of the SEOER survived. The usage of PC terminals is decreasing, which leads to the fact that many people think that the traffic of PC terminals will no longer exist, but is the real reason for this? In fact, there is such a gap between the traffic factors behind the PC end:
No matter what the scale of the website is, the professionalism is necessary. Professional upgrading can make website users more sticky. The website itself should standardize the profession, and there should be no fewer columns. All the industry tools can be provided. This is professional expression. The last point is: information is more professional, can be exaggerated, but not running the train.
How to intercept and learn "enterprise" is good. We use a tqq resource to intercept video, animation, music, games, shopping... When we have the flow in our hands, we do not cherish it. When we lose it, we say that we love you for ten thousand years. There is no such thing as such a good thing. For the website: the development of related industries, such as: data reading station, providing download stations, and the installation of APP, can produce a throttle effect, even if open some WeChat group, it is useful.



How much flow of traffic that your website can attract is to provide the benefit to the user! What is the benefit? I like to start a business, so a good entrepreneurial project is the benefit, the more reasonable the website, the greater the benefit to me. What is interest? WeChat did not start at the beginning, but a red robber grabbed the embarrassment of "paying the baby", so the user could get it like this.
We used to say a word that no traffic is called a web site, not a web site, and now it may be said that no interactive web site is called a web page, not a web site. In the current environment, interaction is an obvious sign of excellent websites. Some netizens even replied in the Tencent comments. I came to see the commentary? Do you also like to read reviews? Friends circle, micro-blog is not the same. Even traditional knowledge and so on. When a website's interaction becomes weaker and weaker, it must be going downhill.
Pay attention to the timeliness of the content and the timeliness of the page. There are no obvious outdated items on the front page and list page, which will greatly reduce the ratings of search engines and users. If the speed of your update is not so fast, then please do not expand so many columns! The advantages and disadvantages of a website, updating the timeliness of information and the timeliness of information, is inseparable.
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