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1 分清楚订阅号和服务号 一步错无回头路
1 points clear subscription number and service number one step wrong no turning back
这 步非常关键,如果走错,就没有修改的可能。要知道服务号一个月只能发四次内容,而订阅号可以每天发一次。这意味着对有推广需求的站长来讲,若非万不得已,请选择订阅号。
This first step is critical, if wrong, there is no possibility of modification. To know that the service number can only send four times a month, and the subscription number can be issued once a day. This means that the promotion of demand station is concerned, it cannot but, please choose the subscription number.
2  每天内容发布的条数 千万别太多
2 the number of articles released every day tens of millions do not too much
Mobile phone screen is the length of the day, if the number of articles published every day too much, not only will allow users to have psychological conflict, but also their own labor bother. With the author's experience, a figure with two articles or the best effect of the three.
3  找到自己的独特性 提高用户粘性
3 to find their own uniqueness to enhance user stickiness
Whether it is a local WeChat, or interested in WeChat, we must identify their core values, what kind of content is their own unique, this is the best tool to enhance their user stickiness
4  内文宜短不宜长 让用户用快速度打开
4 short text should not be long enough to allow users to use the fastest speed open
Yes, the mobile Internet era, very few people are very patient to read a very long text, so we do not try too long, so as not to affect the user experience. The author's experience, if there is no special needs, the text of the 800-1200 is wonderful, the picture is more appropriate within 3 pictures, picture size should be controlled below 50K, not more than 3 minutes of video. Graphic information to open the speed of the user reading rate, the truth is simple, but it is easy to be ignored.
5  抓热点新闻的第二落点 借势很重要
5 grasp the hot news of the second placement occasion is very important
Hot news, whether domestic or foreign, as long as the media repeatedly reported that the majority of users must be concerned about. This time, we PUSH news itself, but certainly fast but also similar to the Tencent news, such as plug-ins, we might as well find a novel perspective, the potential to borrow hot news to promote their public numbers.
比如:近期经常有女大学生失踪或者被杀的新闻,有人总结了一条“当女生面对歹徒时,给他一个不杀你的理由” 这条文字就在朋友圈被各种疯转。
For example: the recent female college students often missing or killed news, it was summed up a when the girls face the gangster, give him a reason not to kill you, this text in the circle of friends are crazy to turn.
6细节决定成败 标题和引导重中之重
6 details determine the success or failure of the title and guide the top priority
细节有多重要这里不做赘述,聊聊标题和引导语的作用。标题是吸引读者点击的关键一点,特别是在粉丝数还不够的情况下,一定要劲爆和吸引人,不怕做标题党,就怕平淡无奇。另外,千万不要太长,尽量在【XXXX(你们公众平台的名字):XXXX(内容) 】中讲出重点。
Details of how important it is not to repeat here, talk about the role of the title and guide language. The title is to attract readers to click on the most critical point, especially in the case of the number of fans is not enough, must be very exciting and attractive, not afraid to do the title of the party, afraid of prosaic. In addition, do not be too long, as far as possible [XXXX (the name of your public platform):XXXX (content) in the focus.
Click to read the guide language is also very critical, Lining has a suggestion: the contents of PUSH in their respective public platform released a report, and then use the "click on the bottom left corner and friends" into the atmosphere of all active public platform.
7 powder is a big problem, no resources to force friends
If you want to get a lot of fans in a short time, you must have resources. If the company's official website, micro-blog, QQ space, facade shop, personal business cards, brochures, magazines, etc., to use all channels to promote, every day you can get a steady increase in the amount of fans.
But if not, then do not bother to bother to use their employees, friends, WeChat bar. Think about it, if a partner's circle of friends has 100 customers, which you have accumulated a total of 100 employees WeChat customers, acquaintances to participate in the sharing of enterprise WeChat is a shortcut to success.