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The network has diverged over the analogy between PHP and ASP. Net to find an answer that can deny the other. Based on your request, you can confirm which business box is right for you by comparing the numerous functions contained in the two.
These programming languages provide power for many powerful web design applications that we use in our daily life. Therefore, if you are doubtful about what functions should be provided for the application, here is an overview of the functions and aspects of these two programming languages. Look at these, and then I will decide which ones are suitable for your online business needs. But before we look at the differences between them, let's first look at the basic knowledge of these two languages:

超文本预处置器言语(PHP)最初是作为脚本工具开发的,但由于其简单易学,往常它已成为最受欢送的编程言语之一。感激大量的PHP用户社区随时能够取得支持。这种免费的编程言语提供了普遍的框架,因而编程十分简单。您能够从PHP的版本7,版本5和版本4或版本3中停止选择; 取决于哪个版本满足您的请求。
Hypertext Preprocessor Language (PHP) was originally developed as a scripting tool, but because of its simplicity and ease of learning, it has always been one of the most popular programming languages. Thank you to the large number of PHP user communities for their support at any time. This free programming language provides a universal framework, so programming is very simple. You can stop selecting from version 7, 5 and 4 or 3 of PHP; depending on which version meets your request.
这是作为传统Active Server Pages或ASP的替代品而引入的。这个易于运用的脚本工具是微软的又一个奉献,它有助于即时开发Web应用程序和网页。最盛行的ASP.Net版本包括版本1,版本2和版本4。
This is introduced as a substitute for traditional Active Server Pages or ASP. This easy-to-use scripting tool is another dedication of Microsoft to help develop Web applications and web pages in real time. The most popular versions of ASP. Net include Version 1, Version 2 and Version 4.
1. Website performance:
There is a misunderstanding that the overall performance of a website depends on the programming language used to code it. In addition, the speed of your website is affected by coding, which is a myth, need and modern idea transformation.
When choosing PHP or ASP. net to ensure that your website has excellent performance, consider the following points: They are:

在运用PHP和ASP.net时,访问文件系统,查找图像然后在Web效劳器上显现这些页面的难易水平是成比例的。这些是仅取决于带宽,数据库效劳器和最终用户计算机的一些要素; 固然在ASP.net和PHP的状况下处置这些的容易水平是类似的。
When using PHP and ASP.net, the level of difficulty in accessing file systems, finding images, and presenting these pages on Web servers is proportional. These depend solely on bandwidth, some elements of database servers and end-user computers; although the ease of handling these in ASP.net and PHP situations is similar.
Therefore, you don't need to question the performance or speed of sites supported by PHP or ASP. net today, because both prove their usefulness.
2. Scalability:
As developers, we want to provide 100% customer satisfaction, as long as we can provide seamless and extensible interactive threads to complete.
The expansibility elements provided by these two languages are similar. People who use websites driven by two programming languages think they both have the ability to provide scalability.
However, the prominence of scalability will be determined by professionals who work on these platforms to create Web applications. Unless programmers are experts in the corresponding language, you can't be sure that the applications they develop can provide scalability.
When it's a beginner or newer project, PHP is a recommended language because it's easy to learn. Unlike ASP. Net, learners may find it easier to control speech because it has fewer terms. However, ASP. Net has the same fan base because it provides ease of operation.
3. Support
ASP. Net is based on Windows, while PHP is an open source programming language. Until recently, many programmers and network development companies began to use ASP. Net to develop Web applications, because they began to realize the wonder and magic of speech, which powered huge applications.
As a member of the ASP. Net community, all developers are experts in this language, and these devotees are ready to help you with your problems. Even PHP has a friendly community of PHP developers who are active in many forums and are ready to guide programmers whenever they encounter specific queries or concerns during programming.

So, if you're not familiar with programming entities that include ASP. Net or PHP, you don't have to worry about finding help today. Both languages are supported by large communities, including experts who are willing to provide advice and guidance whenever and wherever possible.
ASP. Net is built on C # and mainly depends on the code grammar obtained from programming language C. This is one of the reasons why ASP. Net has become a powerful programming platform and one of the most ideal programming languages.
On the other hand, PHP is free and comes with several lines of code, which again looks like the other side of the coin (it has many advantages and disadvantages, and is easy to use).
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