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First, if you want to run a self-Media or public number conscientiously, the first thing you need to deal with is that you have to put forward a very clear idea in the process of operation. What is this idea?
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Whether your self-Media is video, audio or public number, what problems can your self-Media help your target customers deal with? That makes sense. Otherwise, why do your target customers care about you?


As we all know, the memory of human brain is limited. When it receives this information from time to time, can it remember who you are?
So we must seize the brain and mind of our target customers. In this process, we must put forward our central proposition of self-media. For example, my own "wealth impact broadcasting" is to help people use direct marketing of the Internet to do business. This is my proposition.
Secondly, in the process of self-media, we must put forward sharp ideas, which must be unique and unique, so that customers feel that they can not hear in other centers, as long as we can put forward.
In this way, customers can accept our information. There are too many people on the Internet who want to be famous, too many people who want to make voices and too many content. There are a lot of information in Weibo and Weixin every day. But some people can skip the information on their own initiative. If we don't have sharp ideas and original opinions, our customers are not interested in it. Note.
Thirdly, we should have a clear form of profit, that is, we do not rely on the media to survive, if we rely on this survival, there are many practices.
This is not an area for discussion by Internet companies or business people. This category is to bring people together and generate some profit points. This form of profit is very long. It is difficult to imagine how long this way can make money or how long it can make money. It is difficult to weigh.



As an enterprise, as a business person, we must seize the customers to deal with the "trust" problem, and then push the products to our customers.
But most of the traditional enterprises do not have a clear profit form design, just push the product information in, and then wait for others to buy our products.
Many traditional enterprises begin to use this method in the period of PC end. We call it "hope marketing". It means putting information on the internet, finding customers, and then expecting customers to buy our things. In this way, without initiative, how can we do a good business?
Generally speaking, my profit form should be carefully designed. Every step is balanced and understandable. That is to say, every information we put forward can absorb several people. If we come here, what way can we do business quickly and improve the conversion rate quickly? Then, there are products to follow up from time to time. The design of this profit form must be refined. Heart planning and long-term testing.
Fourthly, we need to let a person with personality charm operate from the media, even if you are running a public name in pure text, it is better to have a subject to operate.
And this subject should be precise to people, so that it can show the personality, joy, anger and joy of this person, so that a real living person is dealing with our customers.

When our customer knows that he is dealing with a living person with flesh and blood, the sense of trust is extremely rising, and if this person has personality charm, he can quickly gather a large number of fans to pay attention from time to time, this role is very grand, as a traditional enterprise, may also need to gradually adapt, after all, this is a trend. Xiang.


Fifth, we must insist when we are doing self-media. Our content should be pushed regularly and from time to time.

For example, the frequency of one issue a week, if you said that you stopped after a few issues, it would be too regrettable. Since self-Media is a long-term process, self-Media is not only content, but also needs the cooperation of distribution, implementation, marketing, customer service and other departments. I think that self-Media should rise to the strategic level of enterprises, so regular release of self-Media is very important. .

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