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How to optimize the content details page of the website article? It is mainly divided into the following five aspects.
I. Article title
Generally, there are two ways to write titles on article pages: one is to use the title of the article directly, the other is to use the combination of title and brand words.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?
The first is to omit brand words, reduce the similarity of the title of each page, and when optimizing long-tailed words, the proportion of keywords in the title will be higher. However, due to the absence of brand words, the originality of the title will be further reduced. At this time, when writing title, we need to pay attention to the modifier. The title can be split: Baidu information flow advertising / Tencent information flow advertising / headline information flow advertising, and the analysis of characteristics, is it like modification?

Second, if the number of brand words is not particularly long, then this collocation is better, but we can not rely on the originality of brand words to the title, we also need to use modifiers to write the title more unique. Of course, a little more, if your brand elders, almost half of the self-writing, if the articles are used, there will be suspicion of cheating. In addition, the H1 tag of the article should be added to the title of the article, which will help to optimize the content page.


2. Summary of the article
As we all know, if there are many articles, most of the time we will not write abstracts for each article alone, but writing abstracts is very helpful to enhance user experience. Users can quickly understand the core content of the article through abstracts, and abstracts will also have a great positive significance for us to optimize keywords. (If the technology is automatically crawled, first crawl this description, more detailed than the title). How to write an abstract? Write a composition, just summarize it, just like there is a recommendation under the public number.
III. Title of the article
This is quite important, can contain keywords, and can attract users to read, article titles written well often determines whether users are interested in reading this article. Therefore, the title of an article should be carefully considered, and the importance of the title should not be ignored. Are you wondering: What's the difference between the title of the article and TITEL? In fact, there is no difference, one is displayed on the page you see, and the other is for the search engine to see.
IV. Text Requirements
1) The number of words should not be less than 800 words, but it should not be too long. If the space is large, paging can be used. In fact, this 800 does not look too dead, you have too many pictures, 500 words can not, of course, ah, you can write 2000 words can not, can ah;
2) Pay attention to font size, font format and so on. Don't let users have visual pressure; don't be big or small, horizontal or vertical.
3) The first line of paragraph indentation, empty lines between paragraphs, improve the reading experience; this is for PC, if it is a mobile phone, the first line do not oh;

4) There are plenty of pictures and texts. Simple text will be a little laborious to read. Mapping is helpful for assistant reading, and the ALT tag of pictures can also be added with keywords. This does not need to explain, how to add ALT, ask the technology set up well;


5) Full text keywords density 2-3 times, do not deliberately, do not build, naturally show, not necessarily very rigid, deliberately split keywords, and then cleverly inserted into the article;
6) The article has a head and a tail. This is a routine way to write an article. It is easy for users to understand. Usually there are keywords at the head and tail. I usually write an introduction and a summary at the end.
7) The headings of the paragraph should be bold or colored to increase the sense of hierarchy and highlight the key points.
8) Original articles are more likely to be favored by Baidu;
9) Write articles around users'keyword needs;
10) The article should display the release time, accurate to seconds, so that we can protect the original when we submit Baidu or Baidu Xiongzhang.
11) Bread crumbs navigation, increase the interoperability of pages, so that article pages appear less isolated.
V. Relevant Articles
所谓相关文章优化,就是增加网站的流量量, 说话叫PV。就是用户看了这篇,继续留在站内。怎么说呢,推荐用户喜欢的。
The so-called article optimization is to increase the traffic of the website. Professional speaking is called PV. It is the user who reads this article and continues to stay in the station. How to say, recommend what users like.
Above is my opinion on optimizing the content details page of articles on the website.