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时间:2019.01.22 来源:http://www.weidaoshang.cn

Many new people in the process of optimizing the website, many thorny problems that new people will definitely encounter in the process of optimization, because we experience too little, we have to go beyond ourselves to try and experience as much as possible, look at several optimization difficulties, find out the difficulties, break through these problems one by one, technology upgrading is gradual.
First, we can't grasp the problem of the degree between optimization very well.
Especially in the process of content and external chain construction, content is a key issue. Everyone knows that high-quality original content is the basis of website weight promotion. Everyone can grasp the content very well. But many friends in external chain can not do it very well. Content all know the importance of high-quality external chain for website weight promotion, but they can not do it well. Grasping the growth rate of the external chain, even if the quality of the external chain is excessively increased, it will cause the weight of the website to decline, but many people can not grasp it very well. They think that as long as the quality of a large number of publications will not affect the weight of the website, this problem is the first major problem in the process of webmaster optimization.

2. The content of the website is dull and dull and will not be properly polished.


Take the site as an example, many new people enter the enterprise, after a short period of training, they begin to take over the website, especially in the process of updating the news of the enterprise website, because they are not familiar with the product, only through training to learn a few product characteristics and industry knowledge as the source of material for website updating, the result is that the text is more rigid, readers read. After reading, we can only see some product descriptions similar to advertisements. The main reason is that the text is too rigid to really help the faithful readers of the website from the perspective of transposition thinking.
The key point of our transposition thinking is to stand in the user's interpretation. We can illustrate the things that users do not understand. We can display the product details like Taobao Details Page through pictures, so that we can really improve the user experience.
3. Focusing only on points but neglecting aspects

Very important details, especially many novices just heard that optimization is to do content distribution chain. In fact, this is only two aspects of optimization. If we only think about these two details, we will unconsciously fall into the situation of partial generality. The main reason is that optimization may involve many details, such as website structure optimization, URL optimization, three major label optimization. To optimize long-tailed words.


There are also some pseudo-static and 301 page settings, which are all from a global perspective to look at the details of optimization, rather than just from two aspects of content chain analysis, but many new people are precisely these aspects of knowledge. We need to understand the importance of overall planning at the beginning of optimization. Content and external links are only one of the details of optimization. Website pre-structure, label settings, keyword layout are all the details we need to consider. Data analysis in the middle and late stages is also the details we should pay attention to. We should examine the details of optimization in an all-round way, so as to continuously improve our overall view of optimization.
As optimization newcomers, what we can do now is to constantly accumulate learning experience, enrich our optimization knowledge, analyze and think about optimization problems from the perspective of users. Optimization must have a sense of the overall situation, and think about our optimization strategy from the overall perspective, so as to truly achieve the benign optimization of the website instead of neglecting one thing or the other.