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SEO optimizes five core technologies to improve the ranking of websites. Do you know several? SEO is a way of thinking, for the real master of optimization of SEO, dare to break through and innovate in thinking, master the core technology of optimization of SEO, dare to be the first person to eat crabs strategically, so as to be more skilled in daily optimization work.

1. Compliance with the website architecture


Website architecture is mainly to solve the problem of inclusion, code simplification, key tag application, practical plug-in design, interactive thinking integration are inseparable from website design, from the user experience, the beauty of the site is more important, as long as you solve the problem of website inclusion technology, user aesthetic experience is more important. So at present, there is a great shortage of website programmers and web artists. Of course, this refers to designers who understand SEO. Architecture should not only solve the problem of link hierarchy, but also solve the problem of key pages and column links allocation. Four points are summarized: architecture solves the link level; website template solves the user experience problem; template design solves the inclusion problem; link allocation solves the user viscosity problem.
II. Copyright of Web Sites
As long as you solve the problem of website inclusion, copywriting is more important than other links. Originality and conformity to users'interests are the core issues of website ranking. No matter what products you publicize, you need to solve the problem of users' interests. Whether users come to the website to see knowledge or buy products, you need to accurately locate the user population, according to the data points of the website. Analysis of articles written for keywords is more conducive to the stickiness of the website and the quality of the website.
III. Quality Problems of Outer Chain

The competition of SEO is divided into in-site and out-of-site. Different methods will determine the direction of the ranking of the key words of SEO. The coexistence of white hat and black hat will also determine the quality and weight of the website. In-site SEO has been summarized as above, in-site editing, link allocation, user experience needs and so on. Off-site SEO mainly refers to the external chain of SEO, which is divided into friend chains, which are divided into related links and non-related links; as for other external chains, which are mainly propaganda within the site, that is, public voting on the website outside the site, the number of votes is closely related to the quality of the external chain, not winning more. The quality and quantity of links play a decisive role.


IV. Internal Problems of Websites
The timely updating of the articles is closely linked with the time required by users, mainly for the sake of users, and practicability and timeliness are the most important. Of course, pure technical standard articles should be innovated with the progress of science and technology, and only through the test of practice can they be more in line with the public. Whether the quality of your website is popular or not will determine whether the authority of the website can withstand the test of the quality of the website in the future will become the needs of users, embedding the necessary practical plug-ins such as sharing, reproducing and searching, and more in line with the needs of users.
V. Integration of Resources and Human Relations
If you are an enterprise propaganda, you can build your own website according to your product partition, each website meets the SEO standard, meets the needs of users, and establishes a high-quality external chain from the resources. If you do not have such technology, then it is recommended that the industry network integration, use the strength of the crowd to build your high-quality website.
Although the core technology of SEO optimization can be mastered in some ways, in order to successfully use the website optimization techniques, we still need to practice the basic skills and summarize the usual techniques. I believe that in the long run, quantitative change will lead to qualitative change, and SEOER will move from dull work to a new stage.