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If I were to answer this question, my answer would be: Because your customers are on Wechat! But many shopkeepers seem to think that this reason is not enough, well, I'll talk to you in detail today.
First, the general trend.
These four words sound very empty, but they are the most real. Anyone who sees this article should know at least what a small program is, but do you know WeChat applet, do you know Alipay applet? And Google applet? Millet small program? Here do not say in detail, small program experts want to say, this is the Internet giants at home and abroad are doing things, known as the next station on the Internet, you say is the general trend?
Another point is closely related to the shop owner. Last year, Ma Yun proposed a new concept of retail, the same year double 11, Uniqlo has become a benchmark case of new retail, how did he do it? During the double eleven activities, customers can consume Tmall's flagship store at UNIQLO, and then pick up the goods on the line. One sentence sums up the new retail business, that is, online drainage and offline consumption.
Shop owner you can also understand that Ma Yun engaged in the merchant, has all the customers to snatch up, there is not much space on the line, so he came to snatch a job off the line. Physical stores, do you have a difficult place to operate now? How many times have you scolded Ma Yun in a private way? Have you done all the price wars and robbed the customers? In the future, it will be even harder.
At that time, the merchants killed so many traditional enterprises that did not do e-commerce, and now, new retailing will kill so many entities that did not do new retailing. Now is a time to stand in line. If you don't do it, the two big domestic giants, Tencent's WeChat applet, and Ma Yun's Taobao + Alipay applet will join those who have done it. First, kill a group of people who haven't done it, and squeeze them out first.
Applet is like an admission ticket! If you do, you can enter the WeChat traffic sharing circle, otherwise you will not have a chance! Who doesn't use WeChat now? If you don't need it, if your opponent is using it, WeChat will help your opponent to steal the passenger flow that belongs to you.
Two. What is the difference between a small program and a hungry one?
According to the new retail "online drainage, offline consumption" core, it seems that the United States, hungry, such as the O2 platform, more like the real new retail core ah, so I did hungry, the United States, need to do small procedures?
First of all, the small program experts emphasize that every merchant in the future must have a small program of their own, the difference is that you are now active to enter, take the initiative to rob customers, or the future passive entry, passive defense.
Then, I suggest that now all merchants walk on two legs and do hungry, beauty troupe, but also do small procedures, why?
1. Cost
Are you hungry, beauty troupe, public comment, such platforms, in addition to admission fees, there are up to 15% or even 20% commission per sale; but the small program, only annual service fee, and the fee is fixed.
2. Customer ownership
Are you hungry? The customers from the American troupe and the public comment are all the platforms themselves, not the merchants. These customers are where the milk goes. For example, if you have a discount today, he will come to eat here. When you stop, he will go to other merchants on the platforms. But the small program is different, the small program is the merchant's own, the customer is the merchant's own. If you are willing to introduce this customer to other businesses, the other party will also have to give you a commission.
3, promotion mode
Are you hungry, the US troupe and so on mainly rely on APP two-dimensional code (non-store two-dimensional code) and page links to share, promotion methods are limited; in addition to the independent store two-dimensional code, there are small program code, sun code, nearby small program, public number association, page forwarding Weixin friends Weixin group and so on, more conducive to secondary marketing.
4, small program
Are you hungry, the troupe has made its own small procedures, and now the process is like this, hungry to do their own small procedures, Wechat free to him traffic, hungry to sell this traffic to you. So instead of buying free traffic from a starving Wechat, it's better to receive free traffic from you directly in a small program.
Three, 5 km flow free exposure
Near the small program, 5 km flow free exposure, the flow of white do not you want? Your colleagues will laugh! Do not talk nonsense, open a small program nearby, see if there are your colleagues in it!
Four, payment is retained, clicking is retained.
在小程序的使用规则里面,有一条非常霸道的,曾经使用列为 优先级。举个例子,客户A曾经在一家火锅店吃了饭,支付的时候,扫码扫的是这家店的小程序码付款的,那么下次,他在微信里面搜索火锅,出来的 个结果,就是这家店的小程序。这个价值有多大,大家可以想象一下。所以,抢在其他人还没有意识到的时候,先抢用户,这是聪明的玩家做的事情。

In the usage rules of small programs, there is a very overbearing one that has been used as the first priority. For example, customer A once ate a meal at a hotpot store and paid for it by scanning the store's small program code. Next time, he searched for the hotpot in Wechat, and the first result was the store's small program. How valuable is this? Let's imagine. So, grab users before anyone else realizes it, and that's what smart players do.

Five, with a public number, do you want small programs?
Public number and small procedures are a complementary relationship, public number is strong in the content, small procedures are strong in the transaction, drainage.

Many stores advertise and promote their own stores and new products through public numbers, but the effect is not assessable. We can see how many people read this article, but we can not count how many people because of this article to shop consumption, with a small program, it is different.
Small programs can be seamlessly docked with public numbers, stores can use public numbers for soft-text publicity, and then insert a small program directly into the article, users can jump to buy or get coupons, and then offline consumption. It is estimated that some friends will have to ask, before they can jump directly to hungry, the U. S. mission? First of all, jump to the external platform, can only be placed in the reading of the original, the experience is far from the small program adjustment effect is good. Next, let's take a look back at article four. Do you specifically spend money on hungry and American draining?
Six, with a micro shop, but also do not shop small programs?
It is suggested that all players in the shop should be changed into a small program store. The reasons are as follows:
1. Whether on-line or off-line, the most important thing is the flow (passenger flow), so today, we mainly compare the two flow entrance, the two currently have the flow entrance.
Micro shop: public menu, friends circle, WeChat group;
Widgets: Nearby widgets, unified widgets entries, search, push of public numbers, public numbers menu, circle of friends (sun code), Weixin group, support long by two-dimensional code identification, support for issuing membership card vouchers (official), support membership card directly open widgets, etc. more than 40 entries;
2, WeChat search, bring massive traffic
Microstore is a third-party plug-in, its content will not be included by Wechat (or, Wechat does not want to include), that is, if you use a microstore, you can only force yourself to promote, but if you open a small program store, you can directly expose in the search of 900 million micro-credit users, 900 million micro-credit users. You can search your store and your products directly through search.
3. Promotion
The small program is pushed to the chat interface (group or individual), with its own advertising window, showing the interface is very attractive, but the micro-store only similar to the image and text forwarding effect, easy to be ignored;
Why should we change the micro shop into a small program store now? Because search weight!
前文我们介绍了微信搜索的 优先级别,是曾经使用,确切来说,是曾经使用过的小程序,如果用户搜索的关键词与你的小程序店的名称、关键词相匹配,那么你的小程序店就会出现在他搜索出来的 顺位。
In the previous section, we introduced the first priority of Wechat search, which is once used, to be exact, once used, a small program. If the keywords searched by the user match the name and keywords of your small store, then your small store will appear in the first priority of his search.
And, have done Taobao, Baidu SEO know that the search results are arranged, there will be a reference click, which is why Taobao businessmen are desperate to do explosives, as long as you can make a explosive, you do not have to worry about traffic, the platform will continue to give you traffic, this is a micro shop It can't be done, but small programs can do it.
Simply put, while others are still hesitating to do a small program, you do it first, accumulate a lot of traffic, and when you have enough historical users, the small program will continue to bring you traffic.
Above all, why do stores do small procedures? First of all, it's the general trend. You don't have to be forced to use it sooner or later. In order to go faster and farther; have a public number, and at the same time complement each other with small procedures, business can continue; have a micro-shop, quickly change the micro-shop into small procedures.
The future of widgets will be even more disruptive, because they will no longer be a simple communication tool, but a "connector," as a super-user channel to connect all walks of life a bridge, deep into the industry, so that all walks of life to achieve the Internet, industry change, the opportunity will also be Tremendous.
曾经历过微信公众号的红利的人,也许已经赚到了人生 桶金,也许在观望的过程中与之擦肩而过,互联网信息化的时代,同质化程度越来越普遍,首要的是快!快!快!小程序在2017年1月9日上线,市场并没有完全普及,大多数的商家和用户还不清楚小程序的用法,甚至觉得这是有钱人才能用的起的东西。而且大品牌已经介入这个市场,这就说名此时在处于早期红利期,把握时机为关键!
People who have experienced the dividend of the public name of Weixin may have earned the first bucket of gold in their lives. Perhaps they passed it by in the process of watching. In the era of Internet informatization, the degree of homogeneity is becoming more and more common. First of all, fast! Quick! Quick! The widget was launched on January 9, 2017, and the market was not completely popular. Most businesses and users did not know how to use the widget, or even thought it was something that could be used by wealthy people. And big brands have been involved in this market, which means that at this time in the early dividend period, seize the opportunity is the most critical!