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目前来说比特币的应用场景不是很多,比特币这么出名的主要原因是比特币作为 个虚拟货币、去中心化的P2P货币,所以比较闻名和大规模。比特币的主要应用目前是黑市交易等这些非法交易的比较多,因为比特币的匿名性能够提供保护。同时,很多人都在炒比特币,如果碰盘的话,很多人会因此损失很多的资金。
At present, the application scene of bitcoin is not much, the main reason why bitcoin is so famous is that bitcoin is the first virtual currency, to centralization of P2P currency, so it is more famous and large-scale. The main applications of bitcoin are black market transactions and more illegal transactions, because the anonymity of bitcoin can provide protection. At the same time, many people are scrambled for bitcoin. If they touch the disk, many people will lose a lot of money.
以太币是建立在以太坊之上的。以太坊是一个开源的有智能合约功能的公共区块链平台。通过其专用加密货币以太币提供去中心化的虚拟机来处理点对点合约。目前入驻到以太坊的项目和公司也不少!商河网站外包托管去中心化创业投资The DAO、去中心化期权市场Etheropt等等很多初创的企业。
The etheric coin is built on the ether square. It is an open source public platform chain platform with intelligent contract function. It provides centralization of virtual machines to handle point to point contracts through its dedicated encryption currency. At present, there are many projects and companies that have been stationed in the ether shop. De centralization venture capital The DAO, de centralization option market Etheropt and many other start-ups.
At the same time, many well-known enterprises have also joined. Morgan, Microsoft, Intel, Accenture, Santander Bank of Spain, British oil company (BP), Suisse, UBS, Spanish foreign bank, New York Mellon bank, Thomson Reuters and venture company ConsenSys and BlockApps. Nearly 30 giants joined the alliance.
事实上,高风险投资适不适合普通人参与的,因为 人士会通过投资组合进行风险管理。一个资产过亿的人拿出一百万投资比特币,就算亏光了,也不会有什么严重后果。但是,很多朋友是举债投资,一旦失败,后果根本难以承受。炒币玩家既然冒高风险去追求高收益,产生亏损了,当然得由自己承担。

In fact, high risk investment is not suitable for ordinary people to participate, because professionals will conduct risk management through portfolios. Billions of people who invest in one million of their assets invest in bitcoin. Even if they lose their money, there will be no serious consequences. However, many friends are investing in debt, and once they fail, the consequences are simply unbearable. Since gamers are risking high risk in pursuit of high yield, they will lose money. Of course, they must be borne by themselves.


The total market value of bitcoin is around $300 billion, and the total market value of the whole virtual currency may look like $500 billion, and the real trading market will be far smaller than that. This is the highest value of bitcoin in nearly 10 years, and players who have been involved have always been the most. Once the two big encrypted currencies of bitcoin and Tai Fang collapse, it will be a fatal blow to those related industries such as encryption and block chain technology, as well as those who will be detain to bitcoin or block chain items.
Maybe you would say bitcoin has gone through the price collapse this year, but it doesn't seem to have a big impact on it now, because the encrypted currency and the block chain are the vents, the state, the government, the Internet Co and even the giant enterprises. This also shows that the subconsciousness of the money holders has not lost confidence in the encrypted currency, and most of them still believe that bitcoin will recover. But once, together with the etheric square, it collapsed completely. This is not the problem of gambling. It means that the big escape has come.
The first hit is the coin circle player, if the body is excellent, of course, it does not matter, but the word "leek" corresponding to the group, most of the people who have no financial freedom, this crazy period even all kinds of air money are bought, you can expect them to go where rational.
据科技媒体The Verge报道,以韩国为例,缺乏投资途径的韩国年轻人现在把加密货币当做“唯一的出路”,在今年年初的一轮暴跌中,很多年轻人损失惨重,导致“比特币忧伤症”患者正在增加,一些人甚至自杀,韩国政府对加密货币引发的病态现象已经有所警惕。
According to The Verge, South Korea, for example, South Korea, for example, is now using encrypted currency as the "only way out". In a crash at the beginning of this year, many young people were losing heavily, causing "bitcoin melancholy" to increase, some even suicidal, the Korean government added The ill posed phenomenon caused by the dense currency has been vigilant.
In addition, a survey by Saramin of the recruitment company in South Korea showed that 2/3 of the working people in the country had invested in encrypted money by December 2017, of which 80% were between 20 and 40 years old. These are the most important productive forces in the country. If bitcoin collapse leads to massive collective panic, what does this mean for the country?
When a person experiences ups and downs and ends up with nothing, the consequence of such a blow is not to say that a "commitment" can really be seen.
Moreover, the technology of block chain that is closely related to the collapse of the encrypted currency can not be unaffected. Although many people are reluctant to confuse the block chain with the encrypted currency, it can not change the interests of the two. If the block chain technology is still slow before the bitcoin collapse, it is no doubt that the tuyere will eventually be a chicken feather. At that time, looking back, the chain chain subversion of the "classical Internet" argument really became a joke.
Finally, the two major encrypted currency crumbles and other countries' currency estimates fall, like Venezuela's oil currency, which is difficult to succeed in an attempt to boost the country's economy and bypass the U. S. supervisory system. Moreover, the losses caused by the collapse of mining companies, graphics cards and exchanges related to the encrypted currencies will also be great.